from an idea to a product, EXP is a project is a project that results from the materialization of a patent
and the identification of a set of variables and opportunities in terms of development, industrialization
and business model.

Demonstrate the economic and technical advantages of the incorporation of a
new extraction group patented by WeADD.

a new way of looking to a coffee brewing chamber


One dedicated button to activate the drink extraction.
Another button to open the vertical brewing chamber.


No lever.
A new vertical brewing chamber system to avoid extra forces.

Capsule window

The capsule window has an anti-error design, which means, the user will never add the capsule incorrectly.

Water tank

The water tank capacity is around 220 ml.
It is possible to take up to four espressos.
The water will always fresh.

Cup tray

This is a dedicated espresso machine.
it is only possible to use espresso cups.
The measure between the extraction nozzle and the espresso cup is around 70 mm in order to reach a perfect coffee drink.

Capsule container

The used capsule container have a capacity up to three units.


One of the smallest coffee machine in
the market.
L80 mm x P210mm x H180 mm


Easy to customize.
Different materials, colors or finishing.
It is possible to change the machine outfit every time the user wants.


A new way of assembly coffee machine, with less resources, less components and less time.

DEMO EXP, a dedicated espresso machine just for myself!

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